The ending of a relationship can be an extremely traumatic, confusing and emotional time.

From an individual's perspective, the best case scenario is a favourable outcome achieved as early as possible with minimal stress, anxiety, cost and uncertainty.

There is an abundance of information in the public domain about family law. Further, there are often work colleagues or friends eager to impart advice about a family law experience. However, the reality is that every family situation is unique, with its own idiosyncrasies.

Historical data suggests that most disputes resolve without the filing of a court proceeding. Of the disputes that ‘are' litigated, more than 95% resolve without judicial determination.

So, if such a high proportion of cases ultimately resolve, why is there so much frustration with the family law process?

Primarily this is because disputes often drag on for many months or even years, during which time hurtful allegations, tensions, cost and stress can greatly intensify. This, of-course, may have long-term adverse effects on children.

For these reasons, if you have just separated – or are contemplating separation – it is critical that you seek expert family law advice as soon as possible.

At Brygel Lawyers, you will be advised at the first conference of an appropriate range of practical outcomes. Armed with that information, the aim is that you will feel more confident in conducting productive settlement discussions directly with your former partner (or via mediation) with a view to a formal legally-binding resolution.

In some instances, it is not feasible for you to communicate directly. In such event, Brygel Lawyers will aim to achieve a favourable outcome at the earliest opportunity. If proceedings need to be filed, you can be assured you will be expertly assisted towards the best outcome.

We are conscious of how costly legal services can be. We will provide you with a written estimate of costs at the outset and advise you in writing if there are any material changes.

We pride ourselves on client service. All communications (client, former partner, lawyer) will be responded to promptly and you will have the principal's mobile phone number.

Please contact us on 03 9600 3555 for a confidential no-obligation chat to discuss your matter.

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